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U  N  D  E  R  S  T  A  N  D  I  N  G     GRACE     E  M  P  O  W  E  R  I  N  G    CHANGE

Archbishop Vandyke Ministries 


Archbishop Dr. Noah has over 25 years experience in pastoral work and training ministers. He is the Founder and Archbishop of MRCCI/Vandyke Noah Ministries which is a Church providing religious services in Minneapolis, Minnesota and internationally. He has 47 pastors under his leadership with 35 churches worldwide. Archbishop Vandyke Noah leads, trains and directs ministers to pastor churches. He is an organizational leader who is internationally recognized worldwide. He is also a well sought after conference speaker and bible teacher who has traveled to almost every country in the world. Archbishop Vandyke Noah also counsels people.


Archbishop Dr. Noah’s career accomplishments include training over 300 pastors and ministers and empowering them to direct churches. He is a writer and author and his books have been distributed worldwide. He also serves as a radio host and Executive Producer of “Solution Time Radio”.  Archbishop Vandyke Noah holds a number of positions. Among them, he is a Board Member of “Africa for Israel” which is an organization that supports the nation of Israel, a Board Member and Chaplain for New Enterprise Holdings, the President of the Global Administrative Counsel of MRCCI worldwide, The Past Middle Eastern Coordinator for Morris Cerullo Ministries from 1994-2000, President and CEO of Vandyke Noah Ministries and the Founder and Archbishop of Miracle Redemption Christian Center Worldwide.

Born November 14, 1965 in Accra, Ghana, Archbishop Vandyke Noah obtained a B.A. in Theology from King of Kings College in Jerusalem, Israel in 1994. He attended Advanced Theology/Hebrew Interpretation at Jerusalem University in Israel, and was awarded an Honorary Ph.D. in Theology in Cosmopolitan University in USA. He married Ruby on March 26, 1994 and they have one child. In his spare time, Archbishop Vandyke Noah enjoys reading, walking and jogging.

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